25, Apr 2019

Must-visit outdoor spots when you're in Liverpool

Summer time in Liverpool brings with it the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors in the glorious weather. Almost everyone looks forward to making the most while the sun shines in Liverpool.

With open green spaces and elegant parks, the city of Liverpool presents a stunning picture for those who want to spend their time outside. So, if you’re living in Liverpool or simply visiting it, make sure you head out to these places to enjoy a beautiful summer.

Best Outdoor Spots to visit when you’re in Liverpool

When the weather is this amazing, nobody wants to be doing anything inside. Head out to these outdoor spots to enjoy a truly splendid, summer day in Liverpool with your loved ones.

1. Sefton Park

Source: The Guide Liverpool

Sefton Park is the biggest and the best-known park in Liverpool. It is loved by locals and tourists alike, and is a wonderful place to spend a summer day. You can go boating in its ornamental lake, admire replica statues of Eros and Peter Pan, or sip coolers at the Café in this 200-acre park which is Grade I listed by English Heritage. The park is also home to the famous Sefton Park Palm House, a beautiful glass-paneled building that has been restored to its former glory and now hosts wedding, corporate events and musical shows.

2. Croxteth Park

Source: Nearly There Yet?

What was once a great country estate stretching hundreds of square miles, is now one of the most famous parks in Liverpool. The 500-acre Croxteth Park is managed by Liverpool City Council and has a Victorian walled garden. The Croxteth Hall serves as an amazing event venue. Miniature railway and adventure playground are just some of the attractions that present a great day out for families visiting Liverpool.

3. Another Place, Crosby Beach

Source: Wikipedia

The silent army of Antony Gormley’s sea-gazing sculptures have certainly put Crosby beach on every Liverpool tourist’s map. The Another Place sculptures are a 100 life-size figures that are drowned by the approaching tide, twice a day, and make for a moving public art. It is important to note that Crosby beach is a non-bathing beach as it has areas of soft sand and mud, and pose a risk of changing tide. If you’re looking for some adventure, you can head to Crosby marina behind the beach which has watersports and cycle trails.

4. Everton Brow

Source: Pixels

If you’re looking for the best views in Liverpool, Everton brow is the place to be. It is a lofty vantage point to the north of the city centre and offers an enviable view of this stunning city. From this place, you can spy glimpses of the Mersey glinting between the spires and skyscrapers. It may not be the most popular of Liverpool’s park, and the hike from Shaw Street all the way to the top can leave you gasping for breath. But once you reach there at sunset, the magical sight of the sun going doing behind the cityscapes is truly worth it.

5. The Pier Head

Source: Visit Liverpool

In itself, the Pier Head forms part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage site and is an important spot for tourists and locals alike. It has many famous attractions and landmarks such as The Beatles Statue, the Museum of Liverpool, and the famous Mersey Ferry that docks in front of the Mersey Ferries Building. In the past 10 years or so, the landscape around this iconic place has seen a lot of changes, yet, it still maintains a distinctive charm which was the trademark of this port city.

6. St. James Gardens

Source: Flickr

If you’re visiting Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, make sure you admire the beauty of St. James Gardens. This Grade-I listed park was actually a cemetery for Liverpool’s prominent people until 1936. It was converted into a public garden in 1972 and has become one of the best outdoor spots to visit in Liverpool. Head here for a wonderful time with your loved ones amidst some sublime views of a majestic cathedral.

7. Stanley Park

Source: Visit Liverpool

Stanley Park is the place to be if you’re a football fan in Liverpool. This 110-acre green space lies just north of Liverpool city centre and is famous for dividing the home grounds of the two Premiership football clubs – Liverpool FC and Everton FC. Lying right between Anfield and Goodison Park, this place has fishing lakes and a play area among other things. It’s just the most amazing venue for weddings, corporate events, or even match-day hospitality for Liverpool Football Club. You could also head there to spend quality time with your loved ones.

With Liverpool’s unpredictable weather, you never know when it turns from sunny to rainy. It might be a good idea to make plans to head towards some of these splendid outdoor venues when in Liverpool. Make it memorable by spending time with your special ones, eating at some amazing al fresco dining venues with a view around these places, or plan your own barbeque picnic.

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