15, Jan 2020

Must-Attend Events in Liverpool in 2020

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When it comes to putting on the best show for its residents, no one even comes close to Liverpool. Needless to say, this maritime city has the reputation of gathering thousands across the streets, every single year; precisely by arranging events which cater to the widest possible audience base. Be it the exceptional conglomerate of Cruise Liners fleeting on the exquisite River Mersey or experiencing the giant and productive Brazilian carnival just for rekindling the shopaholic in you, Liverpool is never short of alluring and relevant events for its people.

Here is a detailed list of all the sought after events in 2020 and we would urge the readers to take their pick, accordingly:

1. Sound City

Probably the largest music, film, and digital festival in the entire stretch of the United Kingdom, the Liverpool Sound City is an event that gathers thousands each year besides offering the biggest platform for the budding city artists to showcase their skills. While 2019 saw an outstanding lineup of special guests including Ed Sheeran, The Maccabees, The Machine, and Florence, 2020 might just be bigger with the likes of Pale Waves, Jamie Webster, Alfie Neale, and others expected to perform. The event starts on 1st of May and continues for the next two days.

2. Linda McCartney Retrospective

Slated to commence on 25th April, 2020, this is expected to be a productive event for the art lovers. During the course of this week-long event, Linda McCartney’s iconic photographic depictions pertaining to the 1960s will be depicted. Not just that, her personal life and other details will also be portrayed via the visual medium. Needless to say, this grand event is expected to showcase more than 200 relevant and extraordinary images, straight out of the life of Linda McCartney. The phases of her life that would be depicted include her imitable working style, spontaneity, and the surreal display of unabashed humor.

The Chinese New Year

2020 is the year of the RAT, according to the Chinese Astrology and on 26th January; Liverpool will experience the grandest possible celebration of the same. Precisely known as the Spring Festival, this event will bring in the widest conglomerate of Chinese Lanterns floating across the city, ranging throughout the Picton Colonnades, Toxteth Library, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool Town Hall, and more.

Festival of Reggae

After a well-deserved break or rather a hiatus of sorts, the Festival of Reggae will be back in Liverpool on 12th of June, 2020. This will be a two day event involving the grand celebration of the Jamaican culture and Reggae Music, returning to the Baltic Triangle. Based on the past reputation, this is expected to a heavily crowded event as the Liverpool citizens are known to enjoy the eclectic and exciting form of music. The major event highlights include The Horseman, Neville Staple Band, Mad Professor, and a lot more.

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While these are some of the most anticipated events in Liverpool for the year 2020, there are quite a few offbeat gatherings like the International Horse Show and the Liverpool Biennial which are also expected to drive in a decent audience.

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