20, Dec 2019

Famous People Born In Liverpool

While the cultural and historical significance of Liverpool isn’t a hidden fact anymore, this city also has its share of famous alumni who excelled in different professions and further amplified the credibility of this region. However, a majority of artistic and musical reputation emanating out of Liverpool dates back to the 60s. That said, the human history pertaining to this city stretches beyond the mere Merseybeat era and the individuals originating from this part of the country have always proved their mettle in front of the global populace.

Here are some of the well-known personalities who originated from this city and there are a few names which might come as surprises:

1. Joan Clark

Here is a popular Canadian author who surprisingly has Liverpool origins. To be precise, she spent most of her formative years in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. While she was born in Liverpool way back in 1934, she shifted to Canada, precisely Alberta in the early 60s. Moreover, she eventually moved to Calgary and started writing extremely popular stories.

2. William Hitler

It would be surprising for many to know that William is the son of Alois Hitler, the famous brother of the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. William Hitler was born in 1911 and he eventually travelled to Germany before settling down almost permanently in America. As far as his achievements are concerned, William served in the US Navy while being conferred the Purple ‘Heart Wound’ Badge for his valor.

3. Kim Cattrall

(Image Source:The Guardian)

If you have ever witnessed glamor on the big screen, the name of Kim Cattrall from Sex in the City will surely cross the mind. Needless to say, people did assume that she was from Canada but were surprised to know the she was born in Liverpool, Mossley Hill. She is one of the most fascinating and glamorous actresses who came back to Liverpool in 2010, specifically to establish her own production house.

4. Beryl Bainbridge

Here is one famous writer who acquired critical acclaim and bigger sales, all at the same time. Needless to say, Beryl Bainbridge received the Whitbread award in 1977 followed by her five time booker prize nomination.

While these are some of the bigger names who have made Liverpool proud, there are many other personalities who were born in this city, including the likes of famous star Gia Scala, stage giant Rex Harrison, and more. However, it is a matter of pride that despite migrating out of Liverpool most of these personalities were always attached to their roots and mostly headed back to their originating city for contributing towards the same.

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