08, Nov 2019

Drive Your Winter Blues Away By Sipping Hot Chocolate at These Liverpool Cafes

As soon as the winter approaches, people put extra layers on, try to get as cosy as they can, sit near the radiator and do everything they can to drive the winter blues away. However, the best way to keep warm is to feel the hot cup of cocoa entwined between your fingers and enjoy the chocolaty heaven with each sip. If you're in Liverpool, chuck the idea of having hot chocolate at home and head some of the best cafes that serve a rich cup of hot chocolate with squirty mountains of cream cascading down the sides. Are you ready for some virtual chocolate delight tour? Here we go!

Moose Coffee

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At Moose Cafe, nothing is less than extravagant. The hot chocolate is served in amazing varieties, pancakes are stacked beautifully on the top of each other, and the hash browns are served with a forklift. You have to see it, and of course, taste it to believe it.

Cafe Muster

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If you can 'Muster' strength for some sinful indulgence, head to this cafe and order for one of the freak shakes that spill over to the irresistibly hot chocolate world, watching which, is an out and out delight. Try having 'The Reese’s Pieces' if you have a good appetite.

Bold Street Coffee

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This is for the coffee and chocolate art lovers. The latte art carved on your favourite drink is crafted with utter diligence and passion. But before you go about sipping it, don't forget to click a picture and post it on Instagram. It is sure to garner some likes!

Naked Lunch

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Fancy the idea of having hot cocoa with Tunnock's tea cake? Give your experimental taste buds this treat. You will love the way it looks too.

Marmalade Skies

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For all those who want to taste Autumn in a cup, you must order for Gingerbread Hot Chocolate at Marmalade Skies. If you're going alone, take a book along with you and read while you sip the hot cocoa from the mug. It is sure to make your day!

Bean There Coffee Shop

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You might wait until Christmas to visit this coffee shop and say “Bean there done that.” The cafe has a wonderful Christmas decor. Along with the hot cocoa that will melt in your mouth, the ambience of this place will steal your heart. So, the best time would be to go here would be when it is snowing outside and Christmas carols are playing inside the cafe.

Coffee & Fandisha

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Although this cafe is more popular for its coffee, do not underrate the hot chocolate it serves. Once you start drinking it from the mug, you would want to immerse yourself in its taste until the last drop. Don't be surprised if you end up with a splotch on your nose.


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Okay, this one's Nirvana. A rich and smoothly textured hot chocolate served with a dollop of cream that looks like a cloud along with mini-marshmallows by the side. What more could you ask for?


Again, this place is known for serving a variety of hot chocolates. But the orange hot chocolate is the most popular one. If you do not mind experimenting with your chocolate drink, this one is a must-have.

Space Coffee

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One of the latest coffee shops in Aigburth, it is quite popular amongst the people of South Liverpool as they grab their favourite beverages and go to work. If you get to visit this place, have its Caramac hot chocolate. It is to die for; we promise you.

Thoughtfully Cafe

One of the most obscure cafes for people who want to reflect. Also known as the “introverts’ hub”, this cafe is the best place to be if you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. When the world is too much, don’t think twice before going to the ‘Thoughtfully’ Cafe to have a hot cup of mocha.

So, this was our list of carefully chosen places to have a hot cup of your favourite nectar. If you live in Liverpool, don’t think twice before heading to these cafes. And if you are travelling, you could book yourself one of the luxurious rooms at FM Living. We have Classic, Delux, and Premium options to choose from. Thereafter, you can head out for your hot chocolate adventures. So, for the love of chocolate, please be there!

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