05, Jan 2020

Did you know these fun facts about the Liverpool F.C jersey?

(Image Source: Liverpool FC)

While there are a lot of good things about the Liverpool football club jersey, there are quite a few underrated aspects which only the ardent fans would know. With Liverpool FC revealing the new home kit for the current year, it is only a matter of time that the fanatics start adding credible replicas to the existing repertoire.

The first fun fact that requires immediate attention is the special crest that marks the illustrious period of football dominance pertaining to this club. The crest showcases the iconic and traditional ‘Liver Bird’ that stands for unwavering passion, loyalty towards the club, and even the fans, relentlessly supporting the team from the stands.

Moreover, the newest jersey drives inspiration from the traditional LFC kit design from the yesteryears i.e. the 1980s. While the v neck collar might not sound like a fun inclusion, red detailing associated with the jersey is something that stands out and is further paired with the embossed pinstripes that feature at the front.

(Image Source: Liverpool Echo)

Another interesting fact is the inclusion of the ‘96’ eternal flame that commemorates the existence of the Hillsborough disaster victims. This flame-like design perfectly sits underneath the collar of the concerned players.

While these are some of the more inspiring aspects of this jersey, what stands out is the NB authenticator that comes across as a holographic tab on display. This is a woven tab that comes forth in the form of stitched finish and flaunts the New Balance Dry technology on offer. The existing technology is further validated by the inclusion of self-actuating, laser cut vents which feature the mapping cage structure of the backside of the player. As per the scientific standards, this is a path-breaking jersey that comes equipped with self-actuating underarm vents and helps enhance the overall comfort and assist in proper thermal regulation. The stripes at the front also render a more aesthetic look to the new FC jersey.

On a more serious note, the new season marks the 100th anniversary of Liverpool FC’s most successful manager i.e. Bob Paisley and the stripes do mention a fair bit regarding his contribution. The pinstripes which are reminiscent of the 1980s make a powerful comeback.

The new number front for the premier league also deserves a special mention which is the first time the concept has been changed in the past ten years. Moreover, this font is only the second time the premier league authorities have actually changed the overall loom and layout of the player names and numbers. Moreover, premier league batches will be added at the base of each number. Most importantly, the all-black, understated number with gold detailing also makes a comeback, precisely for the goalkeepers to flaunt. Last but not least, the club persists with the deeper shade of red, a trend that was started a couple of years back.

Needless to say, these are some of the more interesting things about the new Liverpool FC jersey with the club emphasizing more on the player comfort, authenticity, and the traditional approach, more than anything else.

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