14, May 2019

Best pubs to visit when you're in Liverpool

When you’re out and about in Liverpool, you just cannot miss the number of stunning watering holes around this glorious, Victorian city. Liverpool has its fair share of pubs where you can head over to enjoy a good beverage. But it’s not just the drink – there’s far more to a good pub than the beer it serves. Comfortable seats, a warm atmosphere and great décor, all adds to the experience. And when you’re visiting Liverpool, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice for beautiful pubs here.

To end your dilemma, here are 10 pubs that you must absolutely visit in Liverpool. Check them out:

1. Doctor Duncan’s

Source: Liverpool Echo

Doctor Duncan’s is one of the most well-known pubs in Liverpool. With elegant décor and an extensive offering of guest ales, the pub is frequented by tourists and locals alike. The tiles in this turn of the 20th century pub are something to behold, decorating the walls and fireplaces throughout the building. Interestingly, the pub is named after William Henry Duncan, Liverpool’s first Medical Officer of Health. So don’t be surprised if you find a Victorian pharmacy cabinet at this place.

Where: St John's Lane, Liverpool City Centre

2. The Baltic Fleet

Source: The Guide Liverpool

This is probably the only pub in Liverpool that has a brewery beneath itself. The iconic Baltic Fleet is the place to be for those who love ale above everything else. Dating back to the mid-1800s, this pub is just a short walk from Wapping Dock in the Baltic Triangle. Enjoy home-brewed beers in one of the most famous pubs in Liverpool while you’re here.

Where: 33 Wapping, Liverpool

3. The Globe

Source: Liverpool Echo

This tiny gem of a place is tucked away near the entrance to St John’s Centre. Built in 1888, The Globe features wood paneling, stained glass and leather-backed benches as well as smartly tiled floor. It attracts people from all over the city, as well as visitors. Tastefully refurbished in late 2012, it retains its traditional atmosphere, and photographs and newspaper cuttings on the walls lend insights into its history and local character. Make sure you head here when you’re in Liverpool.

Where: 17 Cases Street, Liverpool City Centre

4. Philharmonic Dining Rooms

Source: Tripadvisor

Fondly referred to as ‘The Phil’, this place is one of the most famous pubs in Liverpool. It was built for Robert Cains brewery around 1900. Enter this iconic spot through a pair of striking art nouveau gates to discover impressive wood paneled-rooms decorated with stained glass windows and dramatic plasterwork. A must-visit place when you’re in Liverpool.

Where: 36 Hope Street, Liverpool City Centre

5. Peter Kavanagh’s

Source: Liverpool Echo

If you’re on Egerton Street, make sure you head over to Peter Kavanagh’s for their very famous ales. The pub saw extensive refurbishments in 2015, yet it managed to keep its unique personality alive. With wooden interiors, vintage décor and stained glass windows, this historic pub truly stands out among the many places in Liverpool. Make sure you check out its vast array of ornaments, antiques and old photographs of the city while you’re here.

Where: 2-6 Egerton Street, Liverpool

6. The Ship & Mitre

Source: Essential Liverpool

This place is for those who love everything about ships. With an interior that mimics a ship’s galley, The Ship & Mitre’s nautical theme is sure to delight everyone. This place is classy and a perfect tribute to Liverpool’s dockside history. It offers one of the largest selection of ales and continental beers in the city.

Where: 133 Dale Street, Liverpool

7. The Grapes

Source: Liverpool Echo

If you’re a Beatles fan, this place is a must-visit when you’re in Liverpool. This pub is filled with nostalgia and serves up some great beers. There’s another one with the same name on Roscoe Street, but this one on Mathew Street is famous for being where The Beatles used to go before and after performing at The Cavern Club.

Where: 25 Mathew Street, Liverpool

8. The Caledonia

Source: Signatures Liverpool

Some of Liverpool’s biggest personalities come here to enjoy guest ales and live music. The Caledonia is one of the most established and traditional pubs in Liverpool and epitomizes everything that’s great about the city. Go here with friends to catch up on different music from jazz to rock ‘n’ roll along with beers.

Where: 22 Caledonia Street, Liverpool

9. White Star

Source: Signatures Liverpool

This little pub is located right in the middle of the tourist trail on Mathew Street. Beyond its red tiled frontage in Rainford Gardens is a feast of red leather, fancy tiling, elaborate wood carving and even some sturdy, majestic gold nymph-adorned radiators. You can also find framed Liverpool nostalgia on the walls, revealing its connection to the Beatles. Put this one on your list when you’re in Liverpool.

Where: 2-4 Rainford Gardens, Liverpool City Centre

10. The Dovey

Source: DrinkedIn

This is yet another pub that is well-known for its Beatles connections. John Lennon’s boyhood band, the Quarrymen, played here and this makes it an iconic pub to visit. Tiled floors and ornate wooden pillars make this a wonderful backdrop for a drink, while the addition of white tiles to the walls has given it a lift and stopped it from feeling gloomy.

Where: 60 Penny Lane, Liverpool

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