10, Dec 2019

5 Places to visit in within an hour from Liverpool City Center

The City of Liverpool is a delight for travel enthusiasts! A city home to a significant port in the 18th and 19th Century and a wide variety of museums, one of the world's most popular band, The Beatles, among many other successful performers, as well as one of Football's most dominant sides across Europe, Liverpool Football Club, there are so many aspects and layers of the city that help travellers understand its rich culture.

Often touted as one of Britain's most underrated cities, Liverpool is in the vicinity of some fascinating places which could be ideal for a day out for those living in the city and a day trip for those visiting. Let's look at a few places that are within an hour's distance from the thriving city centre of Liverpool:

1. The Another Place installation by Anthony Gormley

Situated on the Crosby Beach, this installation by Anthony Gormley is a significant attraction for tourists from within the British boundaries as well as beyond! Located just near the Crosby Beach is the Formby National Trust. The latter is home to rare breeds of animals and is considered to be one of Europe's top destinations for a picnic.

2. Southport Pleasureland

A perfect destination for a day of fun and laughter, this theme park is spread across 32 acres and is a great way to spend an entire day irrespective of one's age. Inside this park, one can find thrilling rides, shows, play areas, amusement parks as well as a track for go-karting! There are a lot of open spaces and sprawling lawns inside the park that make it a great location for a picnic. Southport Pleasureland is only a 48-minute drive away from the City Centre. If you're in Liverpool and want to go out for a day to experience thrill and excitement, this is the place!

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3. Speke Hall

For those travellers fascinated by architecture and culture, Speke Hall is a must-visit. A 30-minute drive away from the city centre of Liverpool, Speke Hall, housing Tudor-Victorian architecture, is nothing short of paradise for enthusiasts. With parts of it belonging to the 16th Century, Speke Hall will speak!

4. Marine Point, New Brighton

A comprehensive shopping and entertainment centre for citizens of Liverpool belonging to all ages, Marine point is nearly 10 Kilometers or 30 minutes away from the city centre. With high-end retail, entertainment zones, options for food as well as relaxation, use the next weekend as a perfect excuse to spend a day in Marine Point!

5. Peak District

For travellers and those living in the city itself looking for locations to spend a relaxing day, Peak District is a fantastic choice. Whether you want to take a hike, take out your cycle for a ride, or walk along the park, the choice is yours! With something for everyone, the Peak District is nearly a 70-minute drive from Liverpool!

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If you're a Liverpudlian or a traveller in Liverpool looking to spend a day outside of the city, you will not be disappointed! Visit these places and let us know how you like them!

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